My First Rejection – Am I Officially a Writer Now?

It’s part of being a writer, I know. I’ve been warned and yet I still thought that maybe, just maybe, I would be that 0.00001% that would get a book deal on the first try. Ha ha ha – so silly.

As part of my prize for winning Susanna Leonard Hill’s Halloweensie contest I won a pass the slush pile pass to Blue Whale Press; a small independent publisher.

It was the most gentle and kind no I think I have ever received, and in this business I’ve been told that it’s incredibly rare to get more than a “thanks but no thanks” form rejection letter. Alayne at BWP was amazing. She gave so much constructive feedback and now I have a whole new direction for my picture book manuscript. Thank you Alayne!

What were things I needed to work on?

  • Story Arc – but that wasn’t a surprise to me – I think this is definitely something I am going to take for my next course/web series. Luckily Alayne offers a course on story arc…so I will be heading there soon to register for that course.
  • Meter – but only slightly, which is exciting news for a rhymer in training.

What were the things that were liked?

  • Plot
  • Characters
  • Action
  • Funny lines/humour

So now I have lots of things to think about and lots of work to do…time to revise!

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