Learning to Pitch

And no, that’s not a baseball reference! This writing journey has me learning new terms every day…

Pitch vs. Query vs. Cover Letter vs. let’s see what else!

Lydia Lukidis, a great Canadian children’s author, pointed out to me the other day that she was hosting a slush pile pass competition with none other than Alayne Christian of Blue Whale Press on her blog including a very informative interview. I had recently been very gently rejected by BWP but was given a wealth of feedback on how to make my manuscript stronger (story arc needs more tension!) so I was interested to see if another one of my MSs could catch her attention.

I pitched another one of my MSs Lazy Daisy for this competition…see below

Meet Daisy; a very lazy English Bulldog. Lazy Daisy (198 words) chronicles the life of a staunch and sturdy English Bulldog from pup to doggy afterlife, while managing the delicate topic of the passing of a loved family pet. Targeting children from age 2-8, Lazy Daisy warms the heart while pulling on the heartstrings of doggy lovers who too often have to say goodbye to fur babies before they are ready to.

What do you think? Does it interest you? Here is what Alayne had to say.

“This pitch had me at “pulling on the heartstrings.” I’m curious about how the author turns Daisy’s life into a story that will appeal to children. I imagine it might be an excellent segue to conversation and expressions of feelings or concerns about aging or ill pets, or even loved ones—as well as those who have passed. “

Maybe I should just enter it and sit in the slush pile anyways!

Here is the address of Lydia’s blog if you want to have a closer look at all the pitches! https://lydialukidis.wordpress.com/

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