The 12 Days of Christmas – For Writers!

Thank you Julie Hedlund for wrapping a bow on this 2019 year. I’ve been participating in the 12 Days of Christmas for writers which started on December 26th and goes for 12 days. Each day Julie provides an exercise or a challenge to help us appreciate our growth since the beginning of the year.

I don’t even count my writing year starting until about May 1st when I signed up late to attend my local SCBWI conference on May 4th. I attended as a non-member and was a member by the end of the day. Even with only 8/12 months accounted for, 2019 was incredible successful for me!

Day 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas for writers focused on highlighting every success you’ve had in 2019. So here we go:

  1. Attended my first SCBWI conference
  2. Won a meet and greet through a raffle at the conference to get a face to face with an agent who really liked my idea and said it “had to be out there.”
  3. Joined 2 critique groups
  4. Made SO many writer friends
  5. Discovered the #writingcommunity on twitter
  6. Applied for a mentorship and instead of getting one was nominated to receive a critique from Shannon Stocker – fantastic feedback.
  7. Took and completed a Self-Study Rhyme and Meter course with Renee LaTulippe – also fantastic
  8. Entered 3 writing contests
  9. Won a query letter critique through the Fall Frenzy writing contest; Lost Little Maple Leaf
  10. Won 1st place in Susanna Hill’s Halloweensie writing contest; Vampire Stains
  11. Submitted a manuscript for the first time to an editor
  12. Wrote 10 manuscripts and 8 poems
  13. Have at least 7 critique partners who are amazing and I love, adore and respect very much.
  14. Getting better and more practice with giving critiques
  15. Researched agents and know who my top choices are for a few of my manuscripts when they reopen in 2020.
  16. Participated in webinars and watched many videos on techniques for writing in rhyme.

This was a great exercise…did I do everything I wanted to this year, no. But I did do a lot!

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