Time to Wake Up!

BUZZ!!! BRRRRRIIINNNNGG!! CAW-CAW-CAW! Whatever the sound of my alarm is …it is ringing time to wake that writing game up!

Big announcement today the #PBChat mentorship announcements were made and drum roll please!!! I got one! What is happening!? Well a year ago I applied to Lori Degman and some other amazing writers but it wasn’t my time. But this year, out of over 520 applicants, I somehow managed to shine through and land Lori as a mentor for the next 3 months.

Hmm…global pandemic, home schooling, puppy coming home in a week, working full time + 3 month mentorship?? I say….BRING. IT. ON! 🙂


  1. Congrats Jocelyn on landing a mentor! This was my first year entering the contest, but maybe next year…

    I love your upbeat website! I, also, am a Canadian, from Newfoundland, and have been living in the states for over 40 years. My writing journey has taken a few unexpected turns, but my heart is also with picture books. I’m on Facebook as well and have a webpage under my name. Check it out sometime you have a chance.

    Hopefully this pandemic will end soon. I miss seeing my family. I’m sure you do as well!

    Wishing you a rewarding mentorship!

    Josette Abruzzini


    1. Hi Josette! Thank you so much for the supportive note!

      I think I found you on facebook but if not send me the link and I’d love to follow you!

      We are having a very hard time with the border being closed – we really want our family to visit but they would have to fly which we don’t think is safe right now.

      I’ll try to find you on Facebook and we can connect!


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