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10th Annual Halloweensie!

It’s the spookiest time of the year! I LOVE this time of year for writing competitions. Fall Frenzy kicked off the month of October and Susanna Leonard Hill’s Halloweensie finishes it off!

This year, Halloween will be very different in our house. We are celebrating with our quarantine bubble friends and having a candy scavenger hunt, piñatas and then finishing the night off with some Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. My little man demanded that he be Bowser from the Nintendo family of characters and of course, I gave into the request. The head piece was purchased but the rest, I somehow figured out! And only a couple of glue gun burns!

So we are definitely more hyped up for Halloween this year than we would normally be!

BUT the MOST exciting thing is Susanna’s Halloweensie! This was SO fun last year and some how I managed to come up with a winning entry! I hope that you’ll all enjoy this entry too.

As you may know, the challenge is to come up with a Halloween story, not just a spooky story, it must be about Halloween, only use 100 words (or less) and include a variation of three words provided by Ms. Susanna Leonard Hill herself! This year the words are creep, skeleton and mask!

So without further a-boo!…

By: Jocelyn Watkinson

Double, double, boil and bubble; brewing up a bath.
Exhausted from my creeping and my normal witchy wrath.
First, I’ll bask beneath a mask, composed from wing-of-bat.
Then strip down to my birthday suit and hang my pointy hat.

Some arsenic will do the trick to make a frothy tub,
to give my fleshy skeleton a soaking and a scrub.
Laid-back, relaxed, no longer taxed by trying to be frightful.
I’m too subdued to even “BOO!” This bathtub is…DING-DONG!

How dare those kids disrupt my bath demanding sugared grub…


Oops! Forgot my bathrobe when I exited the tub!

Yikes! Get this witch a bathrobe!

EEK! I hope you enjoyed my naked witchy story – yikes – what a fright! 🙂

Thank you to Susanna Leonard Hill for a fun competition that everyone looks forward to each year, all the amazing donors and of course my fellow writers! I can’t wait to read all the spooky and goofy entries!!

50 thoughts on “10th Annual Halloweensie!”

    1. So naughty! 😉 I was going to write it that she was going forget her bathrobe purposefully but that didn’t seem like a good age appropriate/potentially criminal behaviour. Yikes! 🙂


      1. My daughter still says that about the time by 6’4″ tall brother cannonballed into the pool wearing one of her bathing suits when she was in middle school! LOL.

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