Fall Writing Frenzy Contest!

I’m busting out my cozy sweater, because there is no time that’s better. Fallen leaves and crispy air, no where to go but I don’t care.

It’s Fall! Yes! And that means it’s time for The Fall Frenzy writing contest! This contest kicked off an amazing stream of writing for me last year and I’m hoping it does the same again this year!

The rules? Just a few…but not that many! 200 words, pick a picture to inspire your story and come up with something great!

Here’s the picture:

And here’s the Story!

Halloween in Quarantine, By Jocelyn Watkinson

We’re changing up our Halloween
and staying home to quarantine!
We’ll do our part to slow the spread, 
and trick-or-treat inside, instead.

Our house has got some spooky “guests,”
and most nights they are kooky pests.
But Halloween, this year, they’ll be…
handing candy out to me!  

The ghost that’s living in the attic,
tends to be a bit dramatic.
His moans are heard throughout the night –
my “TRICK-OR-TREAT!” will set him right.

The kitchen’s where the witch’s coven
brews up potions in our oven.
“No eye-of-newt or dragon feet,
just make me something sweet to eat!”

The skeleton that’s in my closet,
needs to make a treat deposit,
and I’ll collect some sugared grub,
from goblins in the laundry tub.

The werewolf living in the shed,
will serve sweet snacks, so I am fed,
and I’m expecting something sour,
from the zombie in the shower. 

The banshee and the growling ghoul,
will have to get out of the pool,
and get me cheezies and some chips
to crunch between my teeth and lips.  

I’ll be just fine this Halloween –
‘cause there’ll be lots of sweet cuisine.
So many treats, and here’s the trick…
by staying home…I won’t get sick.

What is it about Halloween and writing that is SO fun!? This year I chose a Trick-or-Treat picture because let’s face it 2020 has dealt us nothing but disappointment and yes, we will be staying home this year to celebrate Halloween but honestly, I think it will be MORE fun than Trick-or-Treating. All that lugging heavy candy around – pass! Pinatas, and candy “egg-hunts” and games! That’s our Halloween this year so we don’t “get it or spread it!”

Thank you to Kaitlyn Sanchez and Lydia Lukidis for pulling this together again this year and all the donors who sweeten the already sweet fun we are all going to have!

55 thoughts on “Fall Writing Frenzy Contest!”

  1. Holy Halloween! THis is fabulous! I am not one for writing or connecting much to the rhyming ones, but this is INCREDIBLE! You nailed it. Spot on. Cheers to you! You deserve all the good candy for this one! Bravo.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very timely! In the spring contest, my story was about doing class virtually. I love the way you worked in the quarantine but still captured the fun and magic of dressing up. Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This was great! I loved the imagery and the idea of touring all the spooky creatures around my house to get treats while remaining safe and quarantined. What a fun, timely piece!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed your fun, wholesome, and topical poem, Jocelyn. It conveys a wonderful message by way of rollicking rhyme and meter. You had me at “Halloween in Quarantine.” But—”The skeleton that’s in my closet,/needs to make a treat deposit”? Also genius. @AnneLipton

    Liked by 1 person

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